Policy Roadblocks to EV Transition Explained


In an article appearing in the January edition of IEEE Spectrum, Robert Charette explores how government bureaucracy and public opposition create policy and regulatory challenges and political roadblocks that are slowing and may stymie efforts to support the transition to electric vehicles at scale. The article highlights the need for a corresponding transition to national electrical infrastructures and the need for new generating capacity.  Other culprits include overlapping regulatory jurisdictions, permitting challenges, and local opposition to installation of large energy infrastructures like transmission lines and wind turbines.  These challenges are not unique to the United States.  This article is the first in a planned series exploring different aspects of the EV transition.

To read, go to:  https://spectrum.ieee.org/the-ev-transition-explained-2658797681

Charette’s February follow-on in IEEE Spectrum looks at “The Aftershocks of the EV Transition”, warning of unexpected consequences from the EV transition and noting that “the perturbations caused by transitioning EVs to scale are not market-driven, but government policy-driven to meet a climate-emergency. This need to act creates even more uncertain socio-economic and technological perturbations, disruptions and distortions to be dealt with.”

To read, go to:  https://spectrum.ieee.org/the-ev-transition-explained-2659368857