IEEE Participating in U.N. Internet Governance Forum


IEEE’s is an active participant at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF 2017), currently underway in Geneva, Switzerland (18-21 Dec.), including sponsorship of a “Day Zero” event that brings together several IEEE global internet inclusion working groups focused on digital literacy, public access and community networks, innovative and alternative business models, finance and investment, evidence-based research, and digital equality.  Visit the website for descriptions and forthcoming links to view the following sessions in which the IEEE Internet Initiative is participating:

  • Day Zero-Working Toward Universal Access: Educate, Engage and Empower
  • IEEE Workshop-Internet Inclusion Solutions: Shaping the Digital Future
  • IEEE Open Forum-Building Blocks of Trust for a Sustainable, Evolving Internet
  • USCIB Workshop-Realizing SDGs through Policies Enabling Digital Trade
  • Bytedance Workshop-Social Responsibility and Ethics in AI

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