Webinar Highlights Open Source For Climate Tech


IEEE Serious Open Source and Climate Tech WebinarThe IEEE Standards Association is kicking off the 2023 IEEE Serious Open Source webinar series on April 19 with a free webinar on Open Source for Climate Tech.  The webinar will explore how Open Source technology can be applied to address the growing climate crisis.  Future webinars in the series will draw on global experts to share their knowledge and experiences in open source in different contexts including the Metaverse, AI & Ethical AI, ClimateTech & Sustainability and CivicTech. The series is an outgrowth of IEEE SA Open, a community powered development platform for open source projects.

To register for the Open Source for Climate Tech webinar or learn more about the Serious Open Source series, go to:  https://engagestandards.ieee.org/sosh_free_webinar_series.html

For more information on IEEE SA Open, go to: https://standards.ieee.org/initiatives/opensource/