U.S. National Academy to Host IEEE TechEthics 2017 Conference


Scheduled for 13 October 2017, at the National Academy of Sciences Building in Washington, DC (USA), the IEEE TechEthics Conference features luminaries in technology, philosophy, ethics, policy development and more.  The 2017 conference will address significant and provocative questions related to artificial intelligence, neuroscience, autonomous transportation, ethics education, and other key aspects of the technology ethics landscape.

Scheduled topics/talks include:

  • We Need Robots To Take Our Jobs
  • Social, Personal and Economic Impacts of AI
  • Will Brain-Inspired AI Lead to Conscious Machines?
  • The Promise and Dangers of Lethal Autonomous Weapons
  • Influencing the Next Generation of Engineers via Ethics Education

For more information, go to: http://techethics.ieee.org/events/dc-2017