Planet Positive 2030 Initiative Seeks to Drive Global Sustainability By Design


Work is progressing on a new IEEE Standards Association initiative — Planet Positive 2030 — that is bringing together an open and multidisciplinary community of global experts to chart a path for all people to achieve a flourishing future for 2030 and beyond.

The Initiative blends the perspectives of technologists, economists, sociologists, educators, policy-makers and others to identify sustainable technology solutions to reduce Green House gas emissions and significantly increase the regeneration and resilience of the earth’s ecosystems, with a short term goal of helping achieve reductions in global green house gas emissions of 50% by 2030.

A forthcoming report, Strong Sustainability by Design, will inform planning for relevant IEEE standards and certifications and provide insights and actionable recommendations to inspire public and private sector decision-makers.  It will be accompanied by an Impact Accountability/Assessment tool designed to help business leaders and policy-makers evaluate solutions, designs, manufacturing (if applicable), deployment, operation, and lifecycles.

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