EPPC Webinar Looks at New EU AI Policy Harmonization Proposal

  On 30 June (1600 CEST), IEEE’s European Public Policy Committee (EPPC) is hosting a webinar exploring the EU approach to artificial intelligence, including possible roles and implications for the technology community in light of the European Commission’s new legal framework for AI.  Panelists will explore opportunities to harmonize AI rules and highlight IEEE’s efforts… Read more

IEEE European Public Policy Committee Briefs Euro-Policymakers on Cybersecurity and Renewable Energy

  Representatives of IEEE’s European Public Policy Committee (EPPC) held a pair of meetings recently with EU entities providing input to policy-deliberations on EU cybersecurity strategy and the European Green Deal. The first meeting with representatives of the European Commission involved presentation of findings and recommendations on cybersecurity.  The meeting was instrumental in exploring how… Read more

IEEE TechEthics – UN Engagement on Sustainable Development

  IEEE TechEthics is engaged in a new virtual event series with the United Nation’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs, which aims to share technology solutions and promote substantive discussions among government officials, technologists, legal experts, ethicists, social scientists and others on topics related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The engagement began in… Read more

Addressing Governance Gaps to Enable Technology-Driven Pandemic Recovery

  The World Economic Forum’s recently released Global Technology Governance Report suggests that “the emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution have a vital role to play as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuild our economies.”  “Fourth Industrial Revolution” refers to artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, mobility and drones and unmanned air… Read more

Earth Friendly AI, Protecting Privacy of Children Highlighted in IEEE Whitepaper

  The IEEE Standards Association has released a report calling for engineers to consider the impact their work, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, will have on climate change, children, and society.  The whitepaper highlights the need for policy makers to adopt goals and social metrics, and for technologists to develop standards for “utilizing… Read more

IEEE Input Recognized In U.S. Defense Innovation Board’s Recommendations on Ethical Principles for AI

The U.S. Defense Innovation Board released a report in late October 2019 outlining recommendations to the U.S. Department of Defense on the ethical use of AI.  The DIB is an governmental advisory board comprised of prominent U.S. business leaders, scholars, entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, and technologists.  IB’s recommendations reflect significant IEEE input including the need to… Read more

IEEE Recommendations on AI and Ethical Use of Autonomous Tech

  IEEE has outlined recommendations to public policy-makers on development of Artificial Intelligence and on Ethical Aspects of Autonomous and Intelligence Systems. The statements were adopted at the IEEE Board of Directors meeting in June 2019. IEEE’s position urges governments to adopt policies that: Increase AI technical expertise within governments and foster greater government access… Read more