New Standards Community to Address AI in Health Care


AI in the Life SciencesThe IEEE Standards Association has launched a new standards community that will focus on a host of tasks related to the responsible use of AI in health-related field including biosecurity.  Among the intended outputs are a map of AI-based technologies in the biological and health science fields relevant to biosecurity and development of a plan to addressing the gaps in existing frameworks, norms and standards regarding the use of AI in this area.  Although primarily intended as a resource for the health-related industry, their work will be of significant interest to policy-makers and regulators around the world.

To support this effort, SA is recruiting broad participation from the major sectors and groups with a stake in the Responsible Innovation of AI and the Life Sciences, including individuals from the following backgrounds:

  • Medical practitioners and associations
  • Corporate groups and representatives
  • Select biotech communities and organizations
  • Universities and Research labs
  • Government representatives
  • Representatives from International Organizations 

For more information on this new initiative and to express interest in participation, go to: