New Collabratec Community Focuses on Digital Privacy and Trust


IEEE-USA has launched a new community on Collabratec as a forum for discussion of policy issues and member concerns related to digital privacy and trust.   The community was created and is moderated by Jim Isaak, chair of the IEEE-USA Committee on Communications Policy.  The community welcome notes that “Privacy & Trust are increasingly important in the digital world. A variety of IEEE groups, and members have concerns and insight in this area. It is also an area with significant cultural variations. Major policy & implementation experiments are being pursued, including the EU and California privacy laws, the eResident program in Estonia, and ongoing public .”

According to Isaak, “clearly the issues of privacy are not U.S. specific, so I welcome our IEEE members and others on a global basis to provide perspectives (and pointers to relevant document, policies papers) that will give us a sense for how the issues, concepts and challenges are developing on a broader basis.”

To participate, go to: