IEEE-USA Whitepaper Addresses AI/IS Trustworthiness


The IEEE-USA has released a new whitepaper developed by the IEEE-USA AI Policy Committee in collaboration between the Law Committee of the IEEE Global Initiative on the Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, which looks at the trustworthiness of Artificial Intelligence and related Intelligent Systems (AI/IS).

The whitepaper provides an overview of the three-tier framework (values, trust, and evidence) needed to ensure that the adoption and use of AI/IS protects and advances social values.  It also reviews efforts to date to assess the trustworthiness of AI/IS and the types of evidence required to ensure trustworthiness.

It concludes by highlighting IEEE Standard 1012 (System, Software and Hardware Verification and Validation) as a practical and currently available option for producing the evidence required to assess AI/IS trustworthiness.

Access the whitepaper here.