IEEE European Public Policy Committee Briefs Euro-Policymakers on Cybersecurity and Renewable Energy


European CommissionRepresentatives of IEEE’s European Public Policy Committee (EPPC) held a pair of meetings recently with EU entities providing input to policy-deliberations on EU cybersecurity strategy and the European Green Deal.

The first meeting with representatives of the European Commission involved presentation of findings and recommendations on cybersecurity.  The meeting was instrumental in exploring how IEEE can support the work of the EU in light of the recently adopted EU’s cybersecurity strategy, the first official EU document recognizing IEEE as a Standards Development Organization.

The second meeting was a briefing to representatives of the European Environment Agency (EEA) to present the findings of its EPPC’s position on renewable energy and to explore how IEEE can provide the most value to the EEA and other EU bodies in the wider policy framework set out by the European Green Deal.

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