IEEE Entities Address Artificial Intelligence in New Position Statements


Both the IEEE-USA and the IEEE European Public Policy Initiative have released position statements offering policy recommendations directed at U.S. and European policy-makers respectively.

The IEEE-USA statement outlines four key priorities for development of U.S. policy related to artificial intelligence:

  • Develop and make available to government, industry, and academia a workforce of well
    qualified AI personnel;
  • Support the R&D needed to ensure continued U.S. leadership in AI;
  • Provide effective regulation of AI to ensure public well-being while fostering a robust AI
    industry; and
  • Facilitate public understanding of the rewards and risks of AI.

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The IEEE-EPPI statement outlines four similar recommendations for the European Union:

  • Increase AI expertise within the EU institutions and member states public bodies, support AI
    education and retraining of the workforce
  • Align strategy, actions, and policy between EU institutions and member states; define a policy
    regarding intellectual property, certification, and standards, in particular for the system industry
    (manufacturing, transport, energy industry, medical systems, space, etc.)
  • Increase R&D budgets in Europe, and align a strategy between the EU and the member states,
    encourage exchanges between strong European competence in AI and cyber physical systems, in
    particular for applications in the system industries
  • Promote public trust, understanding, and discourse about AI and the consequences of
    applications and policies regarding AI.

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