IEEE Endorses Emerging Field of Privacy Engineering


In a position statement adopted by the IEEE Board of Directors on 18 Nov. 2018, IEEE “endorses the emerging field of Privacy Engineering, which is the use of engineering knowledge and techniques to systematically address risks associated with planned and authorized functioning of systems that collect, use and disclose personal information.”¬† In addition, IEEE expresses support for:

  • research efforts to systematize engineering approaches to designing, implementing, adapting, and evaluating models, methods, techniques, and tools to capture and address privacy issues in the development of socio-technical systems;
  • process and technology standardization efforts in privacy and data governance;
  • education programs that train technologists in the privacy implications of collection, use and disclosure of personal information, and about business, legal, and policy issues that will influence technical development and deployment of data-rich products and services; and
  • engagement of technologists to improve the understanding of the privacy implications for both individuals and society of technologies, technology related policies, and government regulations affecting personal data.

For more information, consult the IEEE-USA Position Statement In Support of Privacy Engineering  (Nov. 2018).